Uluru, This is a highlight of any trip to Australia. - Be Noisy in the world
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Uluru, This is a highlight of any trip to Australia.

Uluru, This is a highlight of any trip to Australia.

Uluru, This is a highlight of any trip to Australia.

I didn’t know what to expect as Uluru was not on my Australia bucket list but my traveling companions really wanted to visit so we did. It ended up being one on my favorite parts. This is the day by day of different people that travel to Australia an visit NT,  cause its amazing, something that you wont see in other part of the world.

Visiting baby Declan and Uluru…life can’t get much better #uluru #ulurukatatjutanationalpark #red #redcentre #37degrees

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A place that a must see once in your life. There are information boards around telling the various stories of the Aboriginals, you will need a good imagination at times, but no information about the rock itself, how it was formed, its geology, etc. The best & most informative bit of the rock was the free ranger led morning walk, which we realised should be taken before wandering off & exploring the rock on your own. It is also disappointing that you can’t get to all parts of the rock or take photos of the most interesting parts.


It is amazing how mesmerising a massive rock in the centre of Outback Australia can be and it is astounding how many people come to see this massive rock from before sunrise until after sunset.  Make sure you see both the sun set and sunrise and take the time to walk the trails. It is about 6 miles if you want to do the whole base trail. There are sunrise and sunset viewing platforms so you can capture the different colours of Uluru. Often, just standing and looking at Uluru for a while you can see the colours change about every 15 minutes depending on the sun and cloud at the time. To explore the rock you need to get close and then it is very impressive with it looming up as you approach it. The various trails are well established around the rock, although the downside is the amount of people, bikes, segways all sharing the same route, so to try & find a quiet spot just to take everything in, well . . . good luck.



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