The best national Park in Australia, Litchfield.

The best national Park in Australia, Litchfield.

The best national Park in Australia, Litchfield.


This was my favourite place to visit NT,  Litchfield National Park. It was beautiful, clean cascading water over the rocks with deep swimming holes. The water temperature was perfect for a swim & not to cold.


Walking away from the person behind the camera 📷 😜 Thankgod the water was bliss 💦

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There are multiple areas where you can have ‘spa like’ treatment where the water can wash all your aches away. There is a walk way down to the rock pools and picnic and toilet/change rooms up the top. Stunning chain of rock pools to cool yourself in after a pleasant walk from nearby Florence Falls.


Normally turist go first got into the water towards the top end but made our way down to the main pool right at the exit of the walkway, just by crawling & sliding down on our bum. You have to be careful as the rocks are very slippery & slimy. All the watering holes in Litchfield were a pleasure to visit. Cool flowing water with plenty of people having a swim on a gloriously warm spring day, which brings a smile to any face. These falls were my absolute favourite. The sheer cliff face with the waterfalls coming down into the swimming area. It was a glorious end to a great day at Litchfield national park.


Australia is full of beautiful beaches, but this state is around amazing rivers, cristal  pure that you must visit in NT.

Wet silk on a Sundeh 🌞🌞

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