A place that you must to visit in your trip around Australia, KINGS PARK

A place that you must to visit in your trip around Australia, KINGS PARK

Lots of people miss this town in their trips cause is “too far” from the other cities. It is just an excuse. This city is my favorite one and the view from Kings Park is Perfect. You can see the city, south perth and the Swan river making this place the top.

Thank you Perth for a beautiful sunset!

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This is a beautiful park set up high on the opposite side of Perth city. There are lovely walks amid native trees and plants. But come at night for a stunning view of the lit Perth skyline. The views of the city from a wide variety of vantage points highlights the beautiful Western Australia landscapes and waterways. If you want to read, relax, have a picnic, sometimes even a movie or even sport, you can go to the Jacobs Ladder.

This large Park, Botanical Garden, and Military War Memorials is inspirational. It includes habitats from different parts of Australia with good collections of plants for each region. A must if you want to get an overview and an understanding of the diversity of plant life in this corner of Western Australia, one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world. King’s Park contains both a botanic garden, where plants are arranged both botanically and decoratively in flowerbeds, and natural bush, by far the larger part of the Park.

Its close to the city so if you have time you can go to take the free city bus into central Perth and have a look round the historic buildings amid modern skyscrapers. An architecturally impressive combination.

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