Why visit Australia for Holidays?

Why visit Australia for Holidays?


What are you looking for holidays? Beach, desert, history, mountains, great wines,  nice restaurants or cafes, you should visit Australia. This country has everything that you are looking for.


The big island has 7 areas or states that you can enjoy depend what are you looking for. From the wonderful red area in Northern Territory to the best beaches in Western Australia.


Be noisy in the world wants to take you to Australia , so in the next articles we will recommend to you some places that you should visit in Australia cause they are amazing.



Things that you should know before you visit this great country


  • Australians speaks with lots of slangs but you will understand to them day by day
  • Its really big country and most of the beautiful places are out the big towns so you should rent a car a travel around.
  • Koala and kangaroo are not the only australians animals that you will find. they are lots more but becareful some of them are a bit dangerous.
  • Alcohol and cigarretes are super expensive so its great time to stop to smoke, it will healps.
  • Dont miss any state, each of them is different, at the end take your own opinion about wich one is your favorite one, dont let other influence in your opinion.


Personally my favorite ones are Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania, and yours?





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