When you have a talent, you should show it to the world. This is our phiosophy.  This time, the turn is for an amazing tatoo artist from Japan, Miink. You can find her in instagram Miiink’s Inas @mii_ink_tattooer

“Tattoos have held a negative stigma in Japanese society for generations. It has not been accepted as an art, but an association with the Yakuza. It’s not uncommon to see signs that say “no tattoos” at beaches, night clubs, hot springs, and pools. More and more Japanese millennials are choosing tattoos as a form of self-expression and are starting to break this stigma. We had the opportunity to interview Tokyo tattoo artist Miiink, to talk about her experience working in the industry and being a visibly tattooed Japanese women.”

People try to understand what is going on with this topic there:
“It’s really sad that tattoos are so badly stigmatised in japan. I can understand why, but it still upsets me. We live in the 21. century and it should be expected to be able to differentiate between yakuza tattoos and tattoos as objects of art and individualisation. Especially in a time of history in which many people really want to be different and express themselves in every possible way. I myself would love to get a neck tattoo but since I’m about to move to Japan I’m too afraid because I might end up not being able to find a job because tattoos apparently make you look like a thug even though I speak 4 languages, and am a respectful and friendly human being. It’s really sad to be treated badly just because of your looks instead of giving you a chance to prove what kind of person you really are. Just imagine being labeled as a Nazi in Europe just because many nazis have tattoos and you happen to have one too. Anybody who pays attention to the depicted artworks will easily figure out that the guy with the swastika is the nazi, not the guy with a forest, fish or symbol on his arm. I really hope that someday this mindset will be gone soon and people will be able to get the tattoos they like. Especially because I really want mine “
“But you need to realize the presence of Yakuza(Japanese mafia) is a serious problem among Japanese communities. The discrimination is a way for people to expel Yakuza from their neighborhood. As a lady in the video said, it’s an outdated rule now because there is less Yakuza and it discriminates many foreigners who visit Japan. So it needs to change for sure. But I want people to know the reason why the discrimination started. The communities had to say NO to those mafia organizations.


its a hard topic, for that reason, plus the talent that she has MIINk is the benoisy talent one. Listen to her make me smile, how cute, pretty and talent is this girl, to check more of her work, visit her instagram, and now what do you think about this Talent tatoo artist from Japan.


Miiink, and her life trying to be a tattoo artist in Japan.

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