Time for a new WWII film, are you ready?

Time for a new WWII film, are you ready?

Its time for a movie review, the movie of the month is DUNKIRK, “Dunkirk the Story of English and French Soldiers ( Over 300,000) Trapped On The Beach of Dunkirk During World War 2 And What The English Government uses By any Means to Rescue Their Soldier’s . From Director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy) Very Good Story And Cast. From Benoisy wewWould Recommend This Movie To You.”

Lets check why the people around the world think about it, and you let us know what do you think

One of the best war movies I’ve seen ever. The ticking is so intense. The urgency of every shot, and the sniping is just what you would expect from trapped soldiers.

 Another good one from the mad genius Chris Nolan. This movie was beautifully crafted and captivated senses until the very end. Would have enjoyed more history to give a backdrop to where the story picks up in the conflict.
Remarkable film making and best practical argument for continuing to use film at least large format film. I saw this in 70mm and felt like I was there. Going to watch it on IMAX Laser to see the rest of the picture on the second showing.
 Not as good as I had anticipated. Repetitive scenes, over and over again. Most of the characters are simply unlikeable. Hardly Oscar caliber.

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