The transformation from ke$ha to kesha

The transformation from ke$ha to kesha

Do you remember this talent woman that showed up few years ago singles like Blow. She just back to the musical world with a great song #prying . Some people are missing the old Ke$ha, others love the new Kesha, what do you think about this new album and single,

I have to say, love it. I was in the studio when i listen to it and my sking jump to chicken skin in 2 seconds, what about you?

Natalie Kay I just want you to know that I’ve listened to praying a few times now and it is officially my go to song for secluded self reflection and meditation. It is such a powerful song with so much passion and emotion behind it. I fully support you and your career as you work on healing and continuing your music career. Peace and love Kesha #freekesha #istandwithsurvivors


JoAnna Lopez Kesha, the first time I heard Praying in my car I began to cry. There’s a lot going on in my life currently and that hit me right in the heart. Thank you. 🙏🏽
It’s honestly rare these days that the lyrics of a song have a significant and personal meaning. As a fan of EDM music, this song is so fantastic. That high pitched note she pulled off definitely symbolizes all the anger and troubles she’s had for 10 years just being let out.
Jessica Etchison Eddie Jaramillo have you listened to her new song?? She brought me to tears my god. And I’m still choked up just thinking about the lyrics and the struggles behind this song and can relate so damn much.

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