Go watch this film no matter what! You will love it! 10/10

Go watch this film no matter what! You will love it! 10/10

Every week, we will have some critics about a movies or tv series or theather performance, This week the turn is for Baby Driver, 10/10 points, action, drama, comedy, one of the best movies this year, what do you think about it. Absolutely Be noisy Film

Baby driver

Aunthor KJ Proulx for Rotate Tomatos,

Finally, a picture-perfect film has been released in 2017. Now, don’t get me wrong, no film is perfect, but it can be perfect in your own eyes if you feel that it is. There are some nitpicks to address, like any film, but Baby Driver may just be the best feature film you will be able to experience all year. It’s rare that a film hooks me right from the start and never lets go until the final frame, but this is one of those rare cases. You can tell Edgar Wright was at the helm with this one, but it’s also an extremely different feel as well. From comedy, to action, to deception, to romance, Baby Driver is everything you could possibly want from a moviegoing experience. Here is why Baby Driver demands your attention as soon as possible. Throwing you into the action by starting with an adrenaline-pumping robbery/chase, Baby Driver isn’t afraid to let you know exactly what you’re in for. When that sequences ends, the core characters are introduced and the fun begins. Working for a crime boss as a getaway driver, Baby is completely under the control by Doc, a man without integrity and no leeway in ever letting Baby off the hook. As a child he was in a car accident, which has left a sort of humming sensation throughout his ear drums, so he uses music to drown out the sounds in order to focus on his tasks at hand. There are so many levels to this simplistic story, making it an incredibly well-structured film that’s incredibly easy to follow. There isn’t a single moment wasted. A conversation either pushes the film forward or an action sequence has you on the edge of your seat. On top of this praise, this film successfully casts these characters to perfect. From Kevin Spacey to Jamie Foxx, the older cast throughout this film has always been great for the most part, so that should come as no surprise. The biggest surprise for me was the chemistry between Lily James and Ansel Elgort. The biggest addition to this film was their relationship and if that wasn’t done well, the entire climax of this film would’ve fallen flat on its face. Luckily, this is some of the best chemistry I’ve seen in a film all year. Their interaction with each other and how she slowly adjusts to his character was easily the biggest payoff for me. I bought into every second these two shared the screen together, humanizing Baby even more than he was before he met Debora. Some viewers may not quite buy into the story itself, but a single mature viewer doesn’t at least walk out appreciating the entertainment values here, then they must’ve been watching a different film altogether. From the music of music to give each scene a deeper meaning, to the pulse-pounding action sequences, to the bright and colourful look to the film as a whole, and to how hip it felt in terms of romance, cool is the best word to describe Baby Driver. I found myself tapping my feet to the music, focussing on every pixel in each frame, and becoming invested in these characters from start to finish. I walked out of this film not having a single (actual) complaint. Sure, an argument can be made that there are nitpicks throughout this film, but every great film has something for you to complain about. People hate movies that win Oscars and love others that critics slam. Film will always be subjective, but Baby Driver seems like the type of film that will be pleasing many audience members in the coming weeks. There is a aspect of the finale that some might roll their eyes at, a few shifts in story that may be jarring to some, but for the film’s entirety, it’s focussed on the character of Baby, leaving every other character as a very well-drawn supporter. For such a simple through-line of a story, Baby Driver enthralled me. I was entranced, due to the fact that even if a scene was about to slow down, a song would start playing in order to add depth. There is never a dull moment here and for all these reasons and more, Baby Driver is my favourite film of 2017 so far, which is going to be a very high bar to reach. This superb piece of filmmaking is the very definition of cool.

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