The beautiful American Japanese talent woman

The beautiful American Japanese talent woman

Judith Hill, amazing american singer is right now touring in Japan. Many people dont know about her, lets introduce you this talent woman, JUDITH.

“She has been praised by Rolling Stone for her “stellar powerhouse vocals.” In addition to penning and performing her own material, Judith – who wrote her first song at the age of four – has backed such artists as Stevie Wonder and the late Michael Jackson. Hers is one of the stories told in director Morgan Neville’s acclaimed 20 Feet From Stardom, a film that shines the spotlight on the untold true story of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century. The film has won the Film Critics Award for Best Documentary and an Academy Award for Best Documentary. The film also won the 2015 Grammy for Best Music Film. Hill, who was also featured on the film’s soundtrack, was a contestant on season four of “The Voice.” Judith has already garnered much praise for her live performance as opener for Josh Groban, John Legend and Prince both in the US and the UK.”

Some people thinks that she havent receive the recognition that she deserve, lets check what people around think about her talent.

  • I had stank face throughout this whole video!! This song is amazing!!! I wish more people knew you! Your sound is just amazing! I’m also happy that it has that ultimate back in the day funk feel! Band is amaze!!! Love from South Africa!!
  • The reason she isnt as recognized like other singers is because she doesnt show off her ass and boobs, isnt a show off and nasty. Stupid people look at those things. We, the smarter ones, know when we see great talent, and this is great talent. She is fantastic and we have a better tuned ear to listen to non marketable music. Non commercial music. The best music…Judith, u rock.Ill always listen to you
  • she is so underrated she’s better than. half the singer’s today her songs actually sound good! and she’s not getting the recognition she deserves plus her voice is amazing!

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