One of the bravest, most brilliant performances in history!

One of the bravest, most brilliant performances in history!

Around 2000, a famous actress won two oscars, showing her talent. Some of you remember Million Dollar Baby. This time the flash back benoisy is for Boys dont cry

“Hilary Swank stars in her Oscar® winning role of the true life story of Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry. Brandon Teena is the popular new guy in a tiny Nebraska town. He hangs out with the guys, drinking, cussing, and bumper surfing, and he charms the young women, who’ve never met a more sensitive and considerate young man. Life is good for Brandon, now that he’s one of the guys and dating hometown beauty Lana. However, he’s forgotten to mention one important detail. It’s not that he’s wanted in another town for grand theft auto and other assorted crimes, but that Brandon Teena is actually a woman named Teena Brandon. When Brandon’s best friends make this discovery, his life eventually is ripped apart by betrayal, humiliation, rape, and murder.”

What the world thinks about this movie…

  • As good and haunting as “Boys Don’t Cry” is, it’s not a movie you can watch again and again. Simply because it hurts. The whole story about Brandon Teena hurts. It’s so utterly heartbreaking that a young man had to die because he was living his life truthfully..

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