Barbie 60′ make up by Trixie Mattel

Barbie 60′ make up by Trixie Mattel

When i saw her the first time i was thinking that her make up was too much, after few times i was thinking is ok, actually right now i think is really great one, cause is the different Dragqueen

RuPaul’s Drag Race front-runner Season 7 Queen Trixie Mattel is so creative, funny and unique, She started Drag after few drinks, now she wants to share how to do her legendary, amazing, fun, brilliant and cool make-up, lets be like Barbie in the 60′.

When someone has talent the best way is share it with the people, she knows what she is doing, great benoisy talent, make up artist and drag queen. Trixie Mattel

And what the people think about it:

  • He cracks me up and he’s so confident! “It’s fine tho cause I’m a good makeup artist”
  • trixie’s makeup is not my favorite but I absolutely love her. she’s so funny and unique, for sure not the usual queen, but that’s what makes her one of the best.

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