Soap, cause twice is better

Soap, cause twice is better

Soap is back to the frindge festival Adelaide,  an intelligent plah  fusion of contemporary circus, comedy, physical theatre and cabaret. You will be happy from the start to the end, SOAP has captivated the hearts of over 1.5 million audience members around the globe. At the frindge Adelaide right now, soon other cities in Australia.  (Darwin in April =) )

 “🎉Today is a special day! 🎉Exactly to the day 10 years ago i started the journey as a professional acrobat in the show Soap. I played more than 1500 Shows, over 15 countries and on 5 continents. I met amazing and talented people and had the honor to be part of amazing shows.. YOU guys made me become what i am today and i want to thank every single one who crossed my path so far and made me learn something from them. If i calculate this right, then that means i played statisticly 1 show every 3rd day consistantly for 10 years. I will have a beer on that. CHEERS AND THANK YOU ALL!!!” Florian Zumkher

Is this kind of performances that you keep talking and wont forget after years, here, some reactions:

  • Brilliant performance . Warn thanks for sharing

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