When i walk in the moon

When i walk in the moon

Travelling around the world is my passion and this time i want to talk to you about an amazing place that i visited in latinoamerica called EL NEVADO DEL RUIZ.

This is one of the most amazing places that i have been in latinoamerica, my friends called it like other planet or the moon cause the landscape is different and you feel something unique.

Nevado del ruiz is near by Manizales, Coffee area in Colombia. To go there you have to wake up like 5am, a car will pick you up between 530 to 6am and you will arrive there like 730 am. Its better if you go early is much better, for weather conditions.

You have to go by car or in a tour that cost 50 dollars, is not too expensive, incluide breakfast and tourist guide.

Actually is a Volcano and is active so you can reach 4400 mts  cause it can be dangerous if you go a bit high.  Its cold and its hard to breath there and you walk so slow and still tired, and look around and is just clouds, rocks, and dark sand.

The experiences there is unique, and is this kind of things that you wont forget, Nevado el Ruiz, one of the best turistic attractions in the world.



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