Lets go back to the 50s, welcome to Cuba

Lets go back to the 50s, welcome to Cuba

Can you imagine go back to the 50s,  like go to time travel machine and appeare in the 50s,  yes is possible, just book a flight to Cuba and you will be in the middle of 1950.

Old cars, houses, decorations, wow, Its not a porr country, is an old country. Since you arrive to La Habana, you think that the airport looks like a terminal bus of other country, the cars are like in the movie Grease and the houses are just super old.

I feel unsafe the first night, we arrive at 130 am and all was dirty, dark and dangerous, but next day all ws just amazing, so safe country, and really cheap. Rum and tabaco are really cheap, if you like it, it will be your paradise. I dont so i enjoy more food and cars and it was my paradise too.

I think i took more tan 200 photos to different cars, at the end all looks the same but the first day i was so inlove with it.

The people is so nice, we stay in a casa particular and we super recomend LA CASA DE ALEXIS Y MARY, you can find them in facebook or good, they are really friendly and helpfully.

Enjoy The Habana, but if you want to see other side of Cuba, go to Vinales, hire a taxi, is cheap and enjoy this  town around montains, you will love it.

Ps Careuful, some people offer you to watch the Buenavista social club in live, however is not true. It is just a bar where some musician are playing some times.

Have fun but take care.


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