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Once ranger, always ranger.

Once ranger, always ranger.

If Batman, superman, xmen, wonder woman and many other super heros are at the cinemas right now, its time for the Power rangers, the blue, red, yellow, black, green and other special colors rangers.

The movie will be at the cinemas in 2017 and the fans cant wait. i have to said that i prefer xmen but ok lets go to watch it…. what do you think and  what the people is screaming about it.

  •  HELLLL YEHAAA!!!!! alpha finally said ayayayay, now I wanna watch this movie so bad
  • Fans representing power rangers so be good fan based by supporting power rangers movie cast and power rangers movie itself and be supporting and be respect power rangers cast from all 24 seasons movie cast and future seasons cast so that power rangers cast feel very welcome and love their fans and say power rangers fans are very welcoming and passionate. Power Rangers movie cast said only good things about power rangers fans so let’s support them in power rangers movies, songs and future movies.
  • I hate to be that person but when were the Power Rangers screw ups? Those were the best teenagers ever. Those are the teenagers that you introduce your sons/daughters to. Why is making movies cynical the go to move nowadays. Heroes are supposed to be better than us, that’s why they’re heroes. No one says I want to be like that shitty guy down the street.
  • I am ready for this movie. Im so ready I can taste it and I cant wait to see it again. This could be the start of a franchise that break records.
  • I see some people still complaining about the race change in character (black and blue ranger). Listen people this is a remake. Everything is gonna be different than the the show we had in the 90s. Bulk and Skull not in it, Goldar looks hella different, Alpha got alien eyes. Hell, they even gonna use profanity language in this movie. I love the new change. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
 Not going to lie, i’m probably going to see this movie like 5 times. Been waiting for this since I was a kid son! 
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