Detox and the Jews

Detox and the Jews

Detox – This Is How We Jew It –  from Christmas Queens

If you want to call the atention and get succesful, you have to impact,becreative and be different that everyone else, and this girl is getting that. She has some videos out with other two, but this one was the solo of her and surprise people love you and hate you but at the end they are talking about you.

  • Haha I’m arab and i just love this song it’s stuck in my head ♡ Detox is HOT.
  • I’m so tired of everyone thinking this is how we all Jews look like……. most Jews dress totally normal and not like orthodox

Can someone imagine a Queen talking in this way to jewis. Nobody, However she is funny and make her single a hit. She is The only Detox, number two of Rupaul all starts 2.

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