Between small and Black “D”

Between small and Black “D”

We were talking about Detox, the number 2 of Rupaul all starts 2, however, the number one, the winner is the one that show is Alaska Thunderfuck. Her attitude as stupid, sarcastic, different, creative and funny one made her different and is this kind of queens that tell all that she thinks. The best example is her song THE T.

She is talking about her life, exes, ever dicks, that she prefer small but black too, something that she just understand, She talks about everything and this kind of performance people love it, for that reason her song has more than 2 million views.

She is this kind of people that have been working a lot year by year until get what they want and after many castings, she got the number one position in Rupaul show.

Lets go to have The T with Alaska

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