Next Holidays, Safari in Tanzania.

Next Holidays, Safari in Tanzania.

After you go to a Safari is difficult to visit a Zoo again. This is an experiences that you should have one, and see how are the animals in the natural habitat

Tanzania is an option, however all East Africa are amazing  including the Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Victoria;  you will get inlove of this adventure around Kenya and Tanzania.,  eternal paradise, with its endless expanses and wild animals, makes one feel as in a new world, in a paradise.  It is full of sorprises and adventures that you wont forget.

But why the people think about it, lets check and maybe you decide to go one day, maybe holydays next year:

“Going on a trip like this to meet the people and see the animals in their natural environment is something I hope I get to do in the near future . I’m glad the people who have been able to experience all of this first hand are awesome enough to post these videos for others to enjoy , thank you ! 😸

Africa’s wild animals, especially lions and elephants, are it’s Crown Jewel, it’s gift from GOD. We MUST protect them now before it’s too late! These animal numbers are in steep decline! We MUST #BanTrophyHunting! Add LIONS and ELEPHANTS to the Endangered Species list NOW! Trophy hunters are the scourge of the Earth, the most greedy, selfish, heinous murderers! #JusticeForCecil

They must be near the Gombe forest.  That’s exactly where Jane Goodall went to research chimpanzees.  That would be my dream vacation:)  You guys look like you had a lot of fun:D

Why isn’t Tanzania having more attention? It’s not fair the country is amazing <3 . Another amazing video 🙂 all of yours are! I like seeing the animals in their natural habitat, not at a zoo. Very cool!”


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