Iron man vs Cap America

Iron man vs Cap America

Batman vs Superman VS Iron Man vs Cap America…. Which one do you prefer? If we focus and choose the best one based in social media,  Iron Man vs  Cap America are the winners, the trailer looks much better, Iron man is a villain in this movie and Spider man maybe will be part of the Avengers.

This is viral actually and people reaction about it:

“I reckon Iron Man is awesome, and he’s got all of the better avengers, but I’m just more emotionally connected to Cap….

I literally hate Tony Stark I shouldn’t have even capitalized his name I mean he’s just such a jerk Captain America is atleast honest and is a superhero even when he’s not in the suit please if you’re going for Captain America reply to this comment go Captain America #teamcap

Hi Marvel, I just want to say that I think it would be really cool if before they all fight Tony Stark says “before we kill each other, I think we can all agree that Batman v Superman sucked right?” and then show everybody just nodding and have black widow say “yeah plot was kinda weak” If you do that, it would really emphasis Marvel’s dominance

So Tony wants to register super heroes and captain america says no…sounds a lot like registering guns…..cept the right thing is out of government control and defends the people instead of big government. damn this is deep”

So, are you team Cap or Team Iron Man.

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