Suck and Blow, Christmas game with international people

Suck and Blow, Christmas game with international people

Party party party party, this is part of of our journey life. You can party by your self, outside, in your house, with some friends o simply you are this kind of people that say NOT to party.

This is the second part of our party and games in Australia. When someone told about this game, few we know it but others didn’t have an idea about it. Suck and Blow is the name, sounds a bit weird but is funny, interesting and make you laugh and have a great time.

Name of the game: Suck and Blow

Duration: 20 min

Players: Minimun 4

This game is a favorite at parties and other social events, try to practice so you can be a master on it. If you want to play, this are some stepts that you have to follow:

Have a deck of cards. You will play with just one but if it is to wet, you should change it.

  • Organize the players into a sequence or circle. Man  woman Man woman
  • Everyone choose a card, the person with the highs number start.  This person will put a card to their lips and inhale, so that it stays attached to their mouth.
  • The persona number one has to pass the card to person number two, one inhale the oher exhale so that the card detaches from their mouth., at the same time, the other person will inhale so that the card is transferred to his/her mouth.
  • Continue passing the card around the circle,  if you’re receiving the card you suck, and if you’re giving it away you blow!.
  • When the card falls down, the person that lose it is out of the game, and now you have to pass the card to the next person, can be man or woman.

This game is interesting and more if you play with people from multiple nationalities, check the video for more information and enjoy.




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