Lena Vs Yulia (Tatu), Which one do you prefer?

15 years approx, a Russian duet make everyone to  sing, to dance and to talk about this group. Two teenagers  (girls)  that love each other and everyone was thinking are lesbians for her controversial videos and songs.

“These girls made a statement this important not only in a place like Russia, but the whole world. even if it turned out they faked it and people got disappoint (like me, as a fan). I won’t forget that this became a huge controversy and made a statement. I listen to this now in 2015 and feel the nostalgia and the goosebumps. I remember being a huge fan as a teenager. This is awesome.”

Videos like All the things she said, where number one in more than 15 countries, Tatu was a hit for few years, but where they are now?


Tatu split in 2011 for conflicts between the girls, plus they wanted to star their solo career. However, everyone is waiting for the reunion again but Lena posted in her youtube channel, in 2014 that it will be impossible.  Lets see what’s up in 2016

The doors are always open to listen again this Russian ladies that many people loved once. For now they are working is their  own production, i have to said i prefer Tatu as a group but Who you prefer Lena or Julia?,

Photos credit: Official Facebook Yulia / Official Facebook Lena


Lena Vs Yulia (Tatu), Which one do you prefer?

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