Titanic is back… and Its not a movie.

Titanic is back… and Its not a movie.

Did you watch Titanic, the famous movie from 90’s. Imagine that you could feel, to watch and to stay for few hours inside to the Titanic. Now It is possible.

This is part of the human story, more than 100 years ago and we still talking about that.  The movie was a hit, one of the best ever so few people took the desicion to bring the Titanic back and you can find it in a exhibition in Perth, Australia.

You will see the necklace worn by Kate Winslet that held a huge blue diamond called the heart of the ocean, as well you can feel and  imagine how cold the North Atlantic was the night the Titanic sank touching an artificial ‘iceberg’, a four-metre block of ice

Have a look and if you want back in the past and know more about the Titanic, go to visit.  This is a creative team that make is possible to give this opportunity to you. Enjoy and welcome to the TITANIC.

Where:  at the Perth Convention Centre from December 12 until February 9 


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