Oprah is spending time with Australians and New Zealanders

Maybe you watched her for many years on her talk show on tv, and love her. We love her. She is a life coach, unique, charismatic, enthusiastic, fantastic, she is Oprah. Her hard work put her on the top and now she is sharing her experiences and life with everyone, and this is the best plan to finish 2015 in Australia

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Winfrey is having and intimate evening with the Australians that love her heaps. The last time that she came was five years ago. Time flies and she is again in this part of the world and will visit New Zealand for the first time.

If you love motivation and inspirational time and had fun watching her shows, don’t miss this opportunity, she is the kind of person that you should watch at least once in your life in real time. We are so excited to see what it is all about and we will tell you soon.

She has the experiences, knows what she is doing, she is a master. Welcome to Australia and New Zealand, Oprah, we are exited to hear about you and of course about your inspirational memoir “The Life You Want” that will be released in January 2017. See you soon.


Oprah is spending time with Australians and New Zealanders

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