The Muslims reactions #Notinmyname #Noenminombre - Be Noisy in the world
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The Muslims reactions #Notinmyname #Noenminombre

The Muslims reactions #Notinmyname #Noenminombre

These days have been really difficult for all the world.  More than 100 people died in Paris and many people are blaming Muslims, and they are suffering the consequences as well after this sad day.

Muslims all over the world are condemning The And Islamophobia using #iammusilim


Pray for the world

Muslims start to move again in social media to show to everyone that they do not agree with all that is happening in Paris with hashtags #iammusilm #iamnoterrorist and using again the hashtag that was famous last year #Notinmyname,   The people are getting more islamophobic after this kind of event but this group want to show to everyone that is just few people. Not every Muslim.







In latinoamerica and Spain they are using the same hashtag in Spanish #Noenminombre supporting their community.

This group made a mark in France for ever, the kind of mark that no one can forget. Same situation happened in Colombia, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, its a big problem around the world.

Doesn’t matter which country is suffering, we are one. Yesterday was Spain, Today is France, tomorrow can be your home town.  Support your country or your feeling, put the flag that you want on facebook but don’t judge. Pray for the world because it is home to all of us.



#prayforfrance #prayforsyria #prayforcolombia


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