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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

If you like videogames this news will make you awake for a while, the last chapter of Resident Evil is coming soon (january 2017). This  would be the latest instalment in the saga of Resident Evil movies

Sony Pictures released what was going to happen with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. All is a top secret however they  give us some tips that will make our brain be creative and imagine few things around.  Like its will Raccoon City, the place where the zombie nightmare began to appear.


As expected, The Final Chapter will start right after the events of Retribution, only the alleged alliance of Alice with Albert Wesker turned out to be a lie and Alice have no choice but to return to Raccoon City to end once and for all Umbrella.

Some actors that you will see there will be Milla Jovovich, (off course), Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts , William Levy , Eoin Macken , Iain Glen , Ruby Rose ,
 Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

The latest Resident Evil film will be released in cinemas in January 2017.


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