Lets travel Around Australia: Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and return. - Be Noisy in the world
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Lets travel Around Australia: Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and return.

Lets travel Around Australia: Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and return.

Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne and return

This is one of 3 articles about our trip, jump to the car and lets go.

When you are in travel mood, you have to take the decision as fast as you can and a trip idea can appear in any minute.   I went to an international event during the week, I met an German lady, we didn’t know each other but we organise a trip From Adelaide to Melbourne by Car.  Her friend, an Spanish lady wanted to travel as well, so we, the three of us,  started this great trip for few days to Melbourne.

  • Time: 2 nights / 3 days
  • Check list:  clothes, drinks, food, petrol, map, lets go…

It’s a long trip but our idea was stop in different places to take pics and off course videos. Always remember that  time flies and in the future you will just have a great moments that you have in your life and never forget it, pics and videos, so lets make this trip awesome and an adventure that we wont forget.

The Germany lady started to drive, lets talk,  smile, watch the scenery, stop for a coffee and wow in the middle of the way is a big mountain lets check what is in there, first stop that you have to visit Christmas Rock. Its something interesting with the geography in there. You never get bored, some people thing that is just beaches or desserts, but it has many things around. It the middle of a flat area we saw something different, A MOUNTAIN, Its really a hill but after a flat area for long drive, see a hill was something unique and we climb that hill.

And this is the awesome view that you can see from there :



We continue with our trip, driving around, having some pics, smiling, having fun, talking about German beers, or Sevilla. The universe made this 3 people have a unique experience and we wont forget it. Life is no square, sometimes is good to take risks , you will love that you will live.

Driving between South Australia and Victoria you will find smalls cities that you can stop to have some pics, check what is around, some of them really bored even without Macdonals or nice coffee places. But this is Adventure. Our next stop The blue lake, such a beautiful place, so colourful, so unique, other time I will show you a pink a lake that we found up north, for now enjoy this video about our moment at the blue lake and remember this stories continue…..

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