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The best japonenses youtubers

The best japonenses youtubers

Japan is one of this countries that everyone wants to visit. Its not just an amazing place, there people is wonderful and so talent, Lets travel to Japan with this youtubers and watch a bit about their culture and talent.They are completely different to the youtubers in your country. Welcome to this talent people in Japan.



Hajime Shacho

If the idea is lets get crazy, this guy is the king, with more than 2 million followers, he call the attention doing things than normal people don’t do it. well done boy Enjoy his videos and try to doing some of his stuff.


Max Murai

If you love video games, and want to have a bit of fun Max Murai and Hikakin are two youtubers with great success in Japan, their videos are interesting, some times so simple but unique. Max Murai is  a business men that enjoying been a youtuber too.



Cooking with Dog

You can find many cooking videos online but this is unique. The dog is the value of this show, Cooking with Dog is a YouTube cooking show featuring a dog called Francis, and a Japanese chef. Francis calmly sits next to her and make the most amazing dishes.


Rachel & Jun

Japanese/American married couple, making videos about Japan and themselves. if you want to go to japan, they will give you a great ideas about this amazing country.





Kotakoti, the Japanese Barbie

If you want to meet one real barbie, you should watch her videos, and look an other kind of japanese womans. She is unique, pretty and simply amazing.

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