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Melbourne cup, its time to watch horses and women using hats

Melbourne cup, its time to watch horses and women using hats

Today is one of the most important days  for Australia, The Melbourne cup. Its a horse race that make everyone around this country:

  • Stop to work,
  • Dress the best thing that you have at home,
  • Girls dont forget to use a GREAT hat
  • Lets drink and watch this magnificent event.
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If you are in other country, you should know that this event is really fashion and not matters where is
the event, if it is in Melbourne or in Perth, if you go to watch in life this event or with friends to any pub, you have to dress really well. As most unique is your hat, as more amazing you are.

This year, the winner was an amazing talent girl, a benoisy one, this kind of people that never give up and work harder year by year. MICHELLE Payne, she became the first female to ride a Cup winner in the famous Flemington race in 155 years. She achieved it on her amazing iron horse Prince Of Penzance.


“I put in all the effort I could. I galloped him every gallop he had … I can’t say how grateful I am to them and I just want to say … everyone else can get stuffed because they think women aren’t strong enough, but we just beat the world.”


Payne, the only female rider in the race and pitted against the cream of national and international hoops, doubtless will love this horse even more now. “But when I hit the front I have never yelled so loud in my life!”.

“People think we (females) are not strong enough but it is not all about strength. Payne now is a legend herself in Australian racing. Social media break in comment about her and the Melbourne cup, we share some of them with you, so you have an idea how big is this event in Australia.



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