Top 12: Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes - Be Noisy in the world
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Top 12: Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Top 12: Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is gone but we have a resume with the best celebrity costumes. Each year the creativity is important to be one of the best around the world. You have to be talent or have some one talent around to help you with this.

Lets go to travel around the world, from America to Spain or Mexico and select the best ones in 2015.

12. Shakira and her family as a Topogigo family, so cute, easy and cute. great one

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La familia Topo Gigio!!

A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on


11. Neil and his Family in Star wars. This is a team work. Nice family.

10. I have a teeth pain. Miley and his teeth make you smile or make you feel pain.

9. Ellen, why you are so amazing?. She is the new Kardashian, Karla, sexy, hands up for you.

8. The ex RBD is a zombie, great make up and mexico is in the top with you.

7.Β Jlo is a scale. Look her eyes. Time to run away or stay. such a sexy scale.

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Haute couture skeleton @alexfaction

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6. From Spain Paula Echeverria, Europe is present with this crazy doll.


5. This guy want to be the nightmare of Ariel, well done Colton, you rock with Ursula.

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Poor unfortunate souls #Ursula

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4. Tyra is so creative and her team that helps her is wonderful, How amazing make up. Simply the best.

3. Its time for the super heroes, can you believe that Storm is Beyonce? Absolutely awesome

2. Heidi Klum you kick the ball outside the planet, the best costume. She is the perfect Jessica rabbit, big clap to her and her team that make this amazing costume.

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#heidiHalloween Such a fun night πŸ’‹

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on

  1. We select Chloe and her costume because is simply and you use almost every day a shopping bag. Β Like she said, “nothing sexy than a grocery bag.

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