Adelaide exporting talent to the world - Be Noisy in the world
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Adelaide exporting talent to the world

Adelaide exporting talent to the world


Australia is a country where you can find amazing talent people every where, this time from Adelaide, a beautiful city from South Australia, bring us the opportunity to enjoy great talent people. For now, people in Latino America, Asia, Europe,  Welcome to Adelaide and enjoy each of this talent singers, They are prenominated to benoisy Awards.


Rachael Leahcar

“Primarily a professional singer/songwriter, Rachael has been performing for many years. She is dedicated, reliable and passionate and will strive for nothing less than the best of her ability. 90% legally blind, she is determined to show the world she can achieve just about anything, including in the field of acting.”







Daniela Scala

Daniela Scala facebook

“I love to work hard, learn, teach and move with my emotions alert. Much media experience. Love to entertain, am fit, am a team player and leader if I have to be. Love to imagine, compose and create…. Always looking for new challenges!







Susan Lil

Susan Lin Twitter

22 – Adelaide – South Australia – Actor – Singer RMT management Most recent work: (2015) Lead role in the new Hilltop Hoods film clip ‘Live and let go’ check out my videos section to view (2014) Lead role in Mitsubishi National end of year campaign – check out my videos section to view












There’s every chance you’re familiar with the angel faced pop sensation Tkay Maidza but we can guarantee you’ve never met this side of her before. With her abundant talent and charisma, Tkay’s rapped her way into our hearts. Now with her subtle appearance in Private Ceremonies, the deal is sealed. With fashion by Australia’s fashion editor Britt McCamey, Tkay is the only protagonist in this eerie, dystopian landscape where nothing is quite what it seems. Press play and meet a new Tkay.






South Australian R&B & Pop singer-songwriter pianist and model, Stefanie Marquez started acting, dancing, singing and taking piano lessons at a very young age. Her musical influences are Mariah Carey, Rhianna, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora and Beyonce to name a few. Stefanie Marquez, is taking the enormously lucrative Australian pop world by storm by recently signing a new distribution deal with BDL4LIFE Entertainment. where she is now joining the growing list of heavy hitters within the label. Currently working on her debut album that will contain a mix of fresh sounds to old school R&B classic.

“In my album I will be singing about my own personal experiences, emotions, and my perspectives i’m putting my all into this music. while showing different textures of my voice so the world can see who Stefanie Marquez is and what she’s about” I am always pushing myself to improve in every aspect from singing to song writing and always thinking of new ideas. I think it’s not just about having a pretty voice, its working hard for what you want and knowing who you are as an artist” She says.

Her first single off her upcoming project was recently released “Never Fall In Love Again” which creating quite a buzz being played on local radio shows performed in the hottest clubs in australia and has already been featured on “Your World Magazine” along the way. Sept 9th her next highly anticipated single “Thirsty” feat black ice will be released in all the hottest sites and available in major retailers Stefanie Marquez is sure to make a major impact in today’s music industry. You can find her on youtube, soundcloud, facebook and twitter & many more. Make sure to follow @MzmarquezBDL for new music, videos, and updates.

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