Difficult situations that happen when you share house in other country - Be Noisy in the world
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Difficult situations that happen when you share house in other country

Difficult situations that happen when you share house in other country

This is my point of view after share house with more than 50 people approx from different nationalities in the last few years, i had a great times and unforgettable moments, however some of them are just disgusting.

Difficult situations that happen when you share house in other country

  1. I grew up with the idea that ladies were really clean but all of this change with i started to travel and meet people from every where around the world. As men, many people said, you guys are really dirty. I have to said, I’m  sorry but not it is not true, the most messy, dirty and lazy are the girls.  From the kitchen to the bathroom, underwears, brass, until make up. You don’t know how messy are them until you live with 2 or more, maybe you are the exception but in general, they are so mesy.

2.  Share house means share food, toilet, pillows, beds, drinks , depends if the nationality and the person, one day I have my own thing another day other person is using it even make up underwear  personal towel etc You can stop them but always someone will do it and you just realise when you see them using your under wears, towels, teeth brush etc

  1. It’s normal to hear someone having sex in the other room or at the living room, toilet, balcony but to hear them in your room at 4 am when you are  sleeping and you have to wake up at 6am to going to work. This is not acceptable, even more if they are really noisy and you can hear from a little breath to the final scream. Or you wake up and get out or you enjoy the moment.
  2. Money is a headache. If you have to pay the rent on Thursday, pay on Thursday, some people forget often and is necessary to ask for money with time, almost 5 days before they have to pay,  and sure any of them will be late. Some of them are really punctual but others can be so irresponsible and fight for 10 cents, at the end money is money = problems
  3. Be ready to hear people that snore, as horse, as volcano or make different kind of noise,   whistle,sing,  laugh,  talk but the worst is when someone scream when is sleeping, it is so scary and if it’s twice at 2 am, it is more scary and if I scream after, How scary!, and I woke  my friend and he scream more because I am screaming. Anyway Be ready for weir and uncomfortable situations when you are sharing houses.
  4. Be clean, I am not the most clean person ever but when you live with people that is not clean or is extremely clean, it’s a headache.Or you cant have a dirty dish because someone will look at you that want to kill you or the the flat is messy, smelly, disgusting and your house will look like pigsty, it will be perfect if you find people like you, but always you will find extremely people.

Be ready to learn about it and understand people from different cultures, next time we will talk about situations  that are normal in other cultures but not for me that i am Colombian.


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