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16 great singers that you should listen

16 great singers that you should listen

It was Monday, 8pm, 14 years ago, I was channel hopping when a pretty lady was singing a nice song. she sounded good, I said to my self. I finished the tv show and at the end the presenter said see you next Monday. 8 days after I was punctual there watching the show and listening to 16 young Europeans talents and from that moment these people made a tattoo in my life. It was this kind of show that makes you say, wtf, it so good. When I went to class, a few more people were talking about it, and few weeks after this it was a hit in Spain and Latin America. It was a reality show called Operacion Triunfo.



Like the first time, you wont forget. i have seen many reality shows but like this one, non. It was the first talent show that was looking for singers in Spain, and  one of the most important around the world. This week is the anniversary and lets check what is going on with these people.


Geno Machado, Twitter one of the youngest contestants with a powerful voice, was the first one to be out but to this day she keeps working in the music area. She has a kids musical academy and helps new talents to follow their dreams and work hard for it. Hope she has a new single soon. Lets get loud and wait for her new single, hopefully soon.






Mireia: TwitterA young pretty Spanish girl, after OT, she was with Geno and 2 other contestants in a band called Formula Abierta, after this she had a break, had 3 kids, got married, and surprise! She is back full of energy with a kids band called La Banda de Mireia and is part of a Spanish band called La Decada Prodigiosa, she keeps making everyone dance and sing. Great job Mireia, keep sharing this unique talent. What about a new pop single from you next year?








TwitterJavian: He was sharing the style of Mireia being part of the same pop group Formula Abierta, He is a father, has is own business but his talent is still there and actually is part of a band called El Regreso de la Decada and is traveling around different towns singing, dancing and working in the music area.












Alex:Twitter Singer, actor, presenter, model, anything else? This guy is so talented, since the reality tv started showed how amazing was he, his personality was unique and opened doors where he built different skills. He still singing, the last project was with his brother, it was a really good one however not too commercial so not many people heard about it. Hey Alex, new song soon mate, you have this package of talent that we want to see and listen more and more. Waiting for you.





Juan: Twitter This guy is the older of this 16, but one of the most creative, he keeps making songs, has some businesses, lives in England, tries to keep in contact with all of these 16 kids and now propsses to them to make a new cd together. It’s an idea all the OT  followers love and maybe they can surprise everyone next year. Great talent and great body mate. He is one of this singers that keeps a great relation and contact with his fans in social media. Keep being creative, that is the password of the success. Great job, hugs.







Alejandro:Twitter One of our favourite rock stars of this tv show, he is song writer, singer, so funny person and now father. His talent is unique, his energy impactful, his attitude is amazing. And his songs are a poetry. This guy has the kind of talent that has us waiting to listen to more and more of his songs. Last one was Cicatrices ft Sindrome Moscow. We hope to hear more about you and Nomada. Everyone go watch his videos in Youtube, Ellas, si los Angeles se rinden, las horas, this guy is gold.





Natalia: Twitter The youngest one, and sexy, unique. The media calls her The Spanish Britney. Each year she surprises us with a new song and great choreography, the best in ot. Some of them are really hot. She is not just a voice, is a dancer, is a sensual attitude. When you have a great product, the business is a success and she is absolutely complete. From Hero, we knew, this lady will rock it and right now is one of the most successful of them all. Keep working hard and being amazing as you know it. Please go to listen her last song Solo tu.





Naim:rZEpg2RE_400x400 Such a stunning guy, since he arrives we saw this start that he has. Talent, great voice and great actor and he shows it with the multiple performance and musicals that he has been on. Since ot his duets were some of the best, some with Veronica and even with Bisbal. Right now he is on Cosas de Papa y Mama. If you are traveling around Spain jump to watch this show. Long time without hearing a single from him. Hope to hear a new song from you soon buddy.






Gisela:Twitter The princess of this group, lovely, pretty, charmed, so smart and talent that has been one of the Disney singers. Her voice, and her smile wow make many people follow her. Actually she has two projects coming soon, one for kids and the other for Christmas. Oh we forgot to tell you, she is the queen of the musicals, many throughout her career, even one with Naim Thomas. Well done Gy and thanks for sharing your talent with many people. Forever Campanita






Nuria: TwitterIf you are not from Spain, maybe you haven’t heard of flamenco, one type of music in Spain, but when we heard her for the first time, her voice, her sweetness, made us love flamenco straight away. She is an actress, singer and typical pretty Spanish girl, similar to Penelope Cruz. Hey Nuria, surprise us with a new song, we are waiting for you and remember #Brisadeesperaza #nochesdebohemia #quiereme ,






Veronica, Twitterwait a second, I have to stand up and give a big clap to this awesome girl, talent, sexy, unique, hard worker, creative, impactful, sweet voice, and funny. She has a few singles and CDs that you can find online. The last one Worth The Wait, is this kind of song that catches you from the start. But check Taste Like Chocolate. She is a fighter and dreamer and moved to America a few years ago to start a new life but she never gave up her dreams and surprises everyone with her songs and body, such sexy abs Vero  #verobox. You can see her sometimes in some performances in America, and also in Spain. But the world is waiting for you. Check her songs and her workout videos, after you will dance and sweat for sure. Ah I forgot, amazing motivator. Well done lovely Vero and #besosdechocolate lets go for Eurovision, it’s your turn.





Manu: Twitter This guy with such a deep blue eyes makes many ladies love him for his romantic style, since #tupiel he never stopped and keeps making everyone take her/his romantic side and sing with him. Actually he had his new cd come out last July. Check online, you will like it. A few weeks ago he was part of the #tucaramesuena reality show where the contestants try to sing and act similar to famous people and he was doing his best with Frank Sinatra,  Fly me to the moon, well done boy.





Chenoa, TwitterSimply the best, one of the famous Spanish singers right now, her voice, energy describe how she is, always making everyone dance, sing. Since OT until now, many people around the world are dancing, #atrevete #cuandotevas #quintadimension or #humanized she is moving her self  a lot, singing, performing, presenting a tv show, being a youtube star, model. We are waiting to listen to a new song from her, similar to the old songs that made everyone dance, and sings in clubs, this lady rocks it always. Almost every day the first thing that she posts is a coffee and as a coffee lover I have to say, is the best thing to read at morning, lets have a coffee one day.



Bustamante: Twitterthe young boy from the academy is a father, husband, famous singer, judge in a reality show, great dancer. It’s a mix between Manu and Bisbal, romantic & great dancer even sometimes imitates Beyonce, lol. We are talking about how a few weeks ago he was performing Single Lady with another two guys trying to do a great show. Always making fun and everyone loves him. He’s not shy, and his personality plus talent makes him a great artist.






Bisbal:Twitter the most famous of this group, singer, dancer, judge of The Voice, this guy is a hit, doesn’t need presentation, his songs, and job are talking for him. We miss those times with Corazon latino. This guy took this opportunity and made the dream come true.








Rosa: TwitterRosita, I haven’t see you in a while and omfg i saw you in #tucaramesuena and i have to said, wow,  amazing,  sexy, stunning, I can’t believe how one person can change if they work out a lot, you are an inspiration for many people, and you truly work hard play hard. Absolutely a different girl than the one many people watched ages ago. How is your English now? Always sweet and funny, we miss you heaps, please producers, she is a diamond, we want to hear her more and more. You always rock girl. She was singing few months ago at  the Eurovision festival near to Danna and Conchita. From here to all the world I have to make a petition, a new song, kind of #mas #dontstopthemusicbaby #europeslivingacelebration make every one dance again with your voice and now with your sexiness.


Thanks each of you, 14 year so far and be ready for the party of next year, 15,  silver anniversary, hope to hear new songs of all of you, Keep working harder for your dreams, never give up and lets organise OT reunion tour.

By @charlieshun

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