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Exotic food that made me throw up

Exotic food that made me throw up

In each country you find different kinds of traditional food that you will either love or hate. During my last trip to Davao, Philippines, I was welcomed by a great family whom of course wanted me to try the most amazing and unique dishes.


I tried durian, a yummy and so smelly fruit, the smell can be so strong that even at the train in Singapore you can see some signs that prohibit travel on the train with a Durian fruit. However, durian has a really good, unique taste and in juice is so good, but the thing that I wont forget is called Balut.  Fertilized egss, some times from ducks or chickens.







When they offered it to me, they said to me try to eat and enjoy it, it’s such a healthy food. This is an egg, so I was thinking, they are such weird people, they are thinking that I don’t like eggs, but they don’t know that I love eggs, so when they gave it to me, I opened and started to bite, the first bites were ok, however, after a few bites, the taste was a bit weird.  I ate almost all, but before I finished I pulled out from my mouth and oh surprise was an embryos head. A perfect head with a big eyes. I looked twice, I asked what was that and it was an 18 day old egg. The chicken is born at day number 21. When I saw it my body reacted and I almost threw up.





it does make a nutritious snack, high in protein and calcium. It is a nice experience and I dare you to try once. If you go to the Philippines, live that experience, you will hate it or love it but at the end you will say, I did it.

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