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You dont have any idea where they are from

You dont have any idea where they are from

Normally, we just watch TV series, movies or listen any song that we like but our knowledge is so basic about the artist. If we ask, where are they from? Most of the time the answer will be ‘English’ or ‘American’ because the movie or the concerts come from there, however the reality is different and there are few examples of this.  Here are seven people who you don’t have any idea where they come from.

Before you read it, try to guess where they are come from:

  • Mila Kunis
  • Emma Watson
  • Nataly Portman
  • Isla Fisher
  • Keanu Reaves
  • Fredy Mercury
  • Nicky Minaj



Mila kunis, Chernivtsi Ukraine

Emma Watson, Paris Francia

Nataly Portman, Jerusalen Israel

Isla Fisher, Muscat Oman


Keanu Reeves,  Beirut Lebano

Fredy Mercury,  Tanzania

Nicky Minaj Trinidad y Tobago


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