Six great comedians in AUSTRALIA, that you cant miss - Be Noisy in the world
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Six great comedians in AUSTRALIA, that you cant miss

Six great comedians in AUSTRALIA, that you cant miss

If you visit Australia, try to check if one of these comedians have a performance and go to watch them, its a funny, pure, creative and different talent that we can find Down Under. From Perth to Sydney, they are some of the best artists that can make you laugh

Tom Gleeson

Tom Gleeson Twitter

Do you want some one that make you laugh non-stop, Tom Gleeson is the one. He is unique, sarcastic, emblematic, with an special humour that make you enjoy heaps.



Em Rusciano

Em Rusciano Twitter

This lady from Melbourne, is a writer, singer, stand up comedian, its a package that you can buy and enjoy until the end, and I am sure you will want more and more after that. With her you will laugh as much as you want.


Lawrence Leung

Facebook Lawrence Leung

Maybe he doesn’t look funny, but his jokes will make you happy and have a great night. Its this kind of people that you can find really creative and spectacular. Lawrence hits it out of the park with his talent.


Matt Okine

Matt Okine twitter

This multi noisy talent is an actor, presenter, comedian with years of experiences that can show you  in any of his performances. He has been in many comedy festivals and won the best Newcomer award in 2014. He has been making many people laugh around the world in India, Singapore, England, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. Amazing talent and really funny, you can’t miss him. This guy is currently touring his award winning show around Oz,

Ronny Chieng

Ronny Chieng Twitter

If we are talking about the best in Australia, we cant miss Ronny, he won the Directors’ Choice Award Melb’Int’ComedyFest’14 and was the  Best Show Syd’ComedyFest’14 .He is this kind of talent that when he appears on stage you look at him and start to laugh until your stomach hurts. Great Ronny is one of the comedians that you can’t miss.



Ellen Briggs

Ellen Briggs Twitter

We can’t forget Ellen, She  is not just a simple mother, wife, she is a dog owner and the kind of girl that you won’t forget, so if you want a nice experience, go to watch her and have fun as much as you can, you will love her, she is an amazing talent.


Just have a different plan in Australia and go to watch one of them, and you can see that Australia is not just beaches, kangaroos and sharks, it has funny, talent, unique people that will make you enjoy as much as you can.


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