It is Halloween, lets be scary. - Be Noisy in the world
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It is Halloween, lets be scary.

It is Halloween, lets be scary.

One of the most amazing time of the year is Halloween, many people dress crazy every day but 31th of October this is the perfect them for some of them, incluide me.

Some times is really difficult to find a great costume, different to the basic one. So if you want to be different, lets follow this youtuber make up artist, great talent people form all over the world, that will show you in easy way how we can have a great costume for Halloween.


Half Skull, 

Roxxsaurus, Sorprise us this year with this make up that can show how beautiful you are but aswell how ugly you can be. Great talent and she make this so easy, lets try this year.



Creepy Scarecrow Makeup (Halloween 2015)

dope2111, Thanks for this awesome idea, looks so easy and i havent see an Scarecrow in a while. “Its such a simple Halloween look which only requires some makeup and face paint. Easy, quick and head turning.”


Scary Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial ♡ Halloween w/ Alex Faction

Shaaanxo, Girl you are fantistic, you are talent, unique, crazy in a good way and with Alex you are just simply amazing, well done, you always surprise us


Zombie Princess Peach Halloween Makeup SFX Tutorial | Jordan Hanz / Alex Faction

Guess who is her,  She is Shaaanxo,look this little creepy  Zombie Makeup , as she said “With the mix of beauty, SFX, and Body Painting, you’ll be sure to make Mario’s heart race 😉 hahaha!” We are sure that mario is loving you more and more. Greeat one creepy princess.


SusannGrassowMAKEUP, You are unique, i never think in a make uplike that but after watch you, i guess, this is one of my option this year, Amazing Smile. =)


Unzipped Zipper

Shuga Be Brave, i guess your zipped is broken, wonderful talent and thanks to share it,  This is have something under your cover.  The color, eyes, zip, make her make up, unique.


Now its your turn, what is the perfect make up for you and what is the perfect one for Benoisy. Enjoy Halloween, one of the best time of the year.

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