Reasons why my next holidays will be in South Africa. - Be Noisy in the world
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Reasons why my next holidays will be in South Africa.

Reasons why my next holidays will be in South Africa.

South The Rainbow Nation known for its Love Laughter & Happiness amongst the People. The land that through its Hardships has given birth to a Refreshing Way of Life with Community living at its Best. We have many Beautiful cities which offer a variety of different Adventures.


If you like the layed back Party lifestyle you can visit our coastline cities such as Durban and Capetown which have Summer weather all year round and spectacular beaches. Along the Beach who will find a host of Entertainment ranging from Beach Cafes, Nightclubs, and Theme Parks…We are a Dancing nation which brings out the Happiness and have a host of different cultures which brings out the Freedom of expression in the people.


If you just want to relax and enjoy the country side you can reside inland in places like the Drakensberg which has many Leisure Resorts along the Drakensberg Mountain Range and also you will get to learn about the Zulu Nation. You can also visit Mphumalanga where we have our Game Parks hosting the Big 5 (Elephant,Buffalo,Lion,Rhino,Leopard) with the Kruger National Park being the biggest. This will give you the ultimate experience of nature and see hoe the animals live in their natural habitat and get to eat Game meat and traditional African Food.

The nation is multi cultural with 11 different languages English,Afrikaans,Zulu,Pedi,Venda,Sotho,Xhosa,Tswana,Swazi,Tsonga,Ndebele, which makes up all our different cultures,beliefs and ways of living. In the city of Cape Town we have unique mountain top known as Table Mountain which you can visit from the city via cable care and host incredible views and many restaurants.


Capetown is also known as the Gay capital of the world with a spectacular Night life and has the V&A waterfront which is ideal for family faction. The ultimate experience you will get from visiting South Africa is the Warm Nature of the people which is very unique and known throughout the world.


By Darren Parsons

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