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Don’t miss Taiwan at night Time

Don’t miss Taiwan at night Time

Be noisy contact one of our noiser asian friends  from Taiwan and she explain us where we have to go if we want to have a great night in taiwan.

“As Perth is a city that cant do too much at night, however the night life in Taiwan got more options! Lets check some ideas of fun that our friend from Taiwan tell us, we can do it.

7. Most of the shops would be closed until 10pm even some are 24 hours open! Night market where you could buy foods and clothes or anything!


6. Mountains—to see the night view of Taiwan.

5. 24 hours book stores—if you cant sleep or you are a bookworm person!


4. Theme restaurant—as a foodie country, there r lots of theme restaurants you could chose, like toilet theme, Hello kitty theme or cosplay theme.


3. pubs and bars—u could have a drink or watch live band show there.

Taipei at night // Flicker

2. Rent a ubike around the cycling pathway—wanna lose weight and feel the breeze, you could hire one in MRT and ride along the river.


1. Karaoke—one of best way to relief your stress n get together with friends. and u dont have to worry going out at night in Taiwan, the crime rate is low as it’s a safe country.”


By Shih. Yolanda.

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