Three Bands from Kenya that you have to know - Be Noisy in the world
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Three Bands from Kenya that you have to know

Three Bands from Kenya that you have to know

Welcome to Kenya, this time we want to introduce you  some talent people from this size of the world, from Rock until Hip Hop, they are awesome and their talent unique, lets Benoisy and don’t forget to check this bands, his videos and songs. We will hear from them soon.

Sauti Sol

If  you like afrikan music and pop, rock and folk, this is your band. We invite you to listen this group, you will  feel peace, calm and straight after you have full of energy. The latest shows where in Seatle, New York, Amsterdan, ” Sauti Sol encompass a mix of soulful voices with vocal harmonies, guitar riffs and drum rhythm. With two extremely successful albums in three years, this band reflects a range of musical wealth inspired by African artists including Lokua Kanza, Fadhili Williams, Daudi Kabaka, Fally Ipupa and Salif Keita to British and American artists Coldplay and Jason Mraz.” They are  Nominees #MTVMAMA2015 Best Group & Best Song #SuraYako | Nominees@BETAwards 2015 | Winners Best African Act @MTVEMA 2014




  Murfy’s fLaW


Close your eyes and enjoy this group, the instruments, the voice,make  an excellent team work. Rock alternative from Afrika that sounds a mix between  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie, Dove Slimme, R.E.M., Flaming Lips. This is a  6-piece band that is unique in Kenya in its chosen genre of performed music, the fact that they are all full-time non-music professionals and that it is composed mainly of rubenesque girls. There is only one man in the band.  You can listen to there music .




You want to listen a really good hip hop singer, lets introduce Mr Jemedari, He is a visionarious and creative singer that is changing the hip hop atmosphere in afrika with new ideas, and his talent. Its time to hear  his new single feat Jerry.







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