Lets support One dream One Korea - Be Noisy in the world
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Lets support One dream One Korea

Lets support One dream One Korea

Maybe you don’t remember or even you don’t have idea but 70 years ago, in 1945 marked the end of World War II, the liberation of Korea from Japanese occupation and  also the day that Korea was divided.

Actually many people  still dreaming that one day both Koreas become one. ” It is our time for action, making One Dream One Korea a possibility.” The campaign One dream one Korea is   supported by One Korea Coalition and links popular culture, scholarly research, civil society groups, youth and international leaders.

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“Representative K-pop vocalists have come together to produce “One Dream One Korea”, a new song about Korean unification. Boy band EXO’s Baek-hyun, girl band EXID’s Solji, are among the start-studded roster that includes well-known names like Gold, Na Yoon Kwon, Yangpa, Girls Day, AOA, Wonder Girls and Sistar. Notable appearances also include  leaders of opposite political parties and the minister of South Korea’s Unification Ministry.” 

This song was part of a concert last 9th of  October, 2015 at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium and build on a series of unification-focused scholarly forums in the U.S. and Korea as well as other significant work in local communities abroad.

We believe that dreams are possible in life, so we hope one day your dream comes true. For now lets introduce you this amazing talent  from South Korea, singing this beautiful song with great lyrics, as they said “we want to be a family again”. Enjoy  and share  if you like it. Well done guys, big hug from Australia.

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