Top 12, The best motivation coming out stories - Be Noisy in the world
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Top 12, The best motivation coming out stories

Top 12, The best motivation coming out stories


Youtubers are talented people talking about different topics, fashion, music, comedy, etc. Some of them have thousands of views and followers, the last couple of months lots of people online started to make some videos about coming out. Gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual etc people telling their story to everyone around the world.

Actually, to be gay these days is not so complicated like ages ago, however these people with their videos are motivating thousands around the world to do the same and not stay inside the closet.

Lets check the top 12 Benoisy motivational videos about coming out from all over the world.






  1. HeyoDamo

“People wanted to know. So here’s my coming out story. I hope it helps in some way. “ His video Coming Out as an Asexual, is interesting how he explain his point of view and if you don’t like, just jump to the next one. Everyone is not sex addictive.

  1. Loren Baldwin

“This is me coming out to my Grandma with Ally Hills’ Official Coming Out Song” . if you haven’t watched her, you have to do it, she is so cute and her grandmother is cuter.



  1. Shereef Abdou

“Coming out as a gay Arab: After 24 years, at last I am free. It’s true what they say– It gets better. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!”  He is gay Arab, but his situation is exactly the same as many people. In any country, religion, culture you can find thousands of gays, as he said, “and this is how God intended with me to be”

  1. JoeyGraceffa
“YES I’M GAY. First time being truly open on YouTube. “ He invites to everyone to tell when they feel comfortable and happy to do it. Great advice, don’t feel pressure and make the step when you are ready for it.

8. Juan Pablo Jaramillo

“Mi orentacion sexual era un secreto” My sexual orientation was a secret. This young Latin boy told how he felt about that situation and how people react to him, at the same time talks to homophobes and invites them  to understand the situation a bit more.



  1. Lucy

“This is Lucy’s coming out story. I know it’s long but for those of you who are struggling, I hope this is some form of comfort and help.” She is a pretty English girl that has come out as a lesbian, and like many girls, she dated boys before too. Actually, she and her girlfriend have a youtube channel where they talk about many experiences. Her gf has a coming out video too.


6 Tom Daley

“Something that I want to say: This has been a hard decision to make, but I wanted you to hear this from me.” He is gay, has a partner and is happy everyone supports him, but coming out was a long term decision. Some people call him a liar, however he is happy with his decision.


  1. Connor Franta

“Your support means the absolute world to me & I hope this doesn’t change a thing. I love you guys & can’t thank you enough for everything xx”  He made a checklist and each person that he confides to that he is gay, he ticks off the list and you can watch the video and see in his face how happy he is.



4 Simon Harrison

“Coming Out to my homophobic parents : This video is about coming out to homophobic parents and I speak a little about not being able to come out to my grandfather. I made this to answer a question left in my comments in “College and Closeted””. Can be Muslim or Catholic, French or Australian, if you are gay, it can be hard coming out and he explains a bit about it in relation to his Grandfather.



  1. Ingrid Nilsen

“We all deserve our best chance. Here’s a random, but meaningful assortment of things that have given me comfort on my path to acceptance. Think of them as a hug from me to you.” This is one of the coming out videos with more views. She talk with her heart, and makes many people think about it. Great speech, great motivator. Big hug to Ingrid, well done.

2. Gigi gorgeous

I Am Transgender | Gigi. A pretty youtuber girl telling everyone that she is transgender and happy with her decision. Showing people that it does not matter what others think about it, the most important thing is what you think.

  1. The Rhodes Bros

“With 2015 now here, we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired. Thank you for all the support. We love you. “ They went so famous in youtube with their video that Ellen DeGeneres interviewed them on her tv show. They confessed during the video to their father but he supported them and showed that he loves them, no matter what.


These videos show that coming out stories have two things in common: first, that it is really difficult to come out, and it takes a lot of courage to do it. And second, they are always happier afterwards and glad they did it. You can be quietly confident, or loud & proud, but either way those closet doors are waiting to be busted down.

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