You have to be Like a Gladiator - Be Noisy in the world
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You have to be Like a Gladiator

You have to be Like a Gladiator

If you haven’t hear about Dami lm , hey, its time to looking for good music. She is AWESOME. Be noisy talent is for this a Korean – Australian lady that went to one of that reality shows where heaps of people go  every year but just few have the opportunity to do something and she took that chance and rock it.

Dami lm sounds great in  Australia, but its time to talk about her around the world, You should listen any of her songs as Alive, Gladiator or Smile and you will flip out with her. She emigrated to Australia with her family at the age of nine.

She used to be a gospel singer but in 2013 she participated in the 5th season of The X Factor Australia and won  with over 60% of the top 3 votes. Her last album  (third one) became  her second top ten album.

She is working for her dreams, keeping doing and never give up and her success is the password of her big steps.

Time to listen a bit of her, from Australia to everyone around the world, Dami Im.



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