What if Cleopatra has lived in the 21st century? - Be Noisy in the world
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What if Cleopatra has lived in the 21st century?

What if Cleopatra has lived in the 21st century?

Monica Belluci as Cleopatra

Monica Belluci as Cleopatra

Theatre, movies and pop culture have kept the egyptian queen Cleopatra as an icon of power, seduction and feminity. Celebrities like Katy Perry in her “Dark Horse” video and Angelina Jolie on an upcoming film have embraced the identity and style of the pharaoh woman. But how could’ve she turned out to be if her lifetime was currently passing by?



Love was never a motive for this queen: power was her main objective and sex her weapon of choice. It is told that she was a decadent and hedonist woman, kind of like a nowadays gold digger, who chased the great and powerful roman leaders in order to take and re-take the political power of Egypt. However she was a highly educated woman who was raised as a sovereign, prepared to reign over her people.

Dark Horse, Katty Perry Video

Dark Horse, Katty Perry Video

Nowadays a woman like Cleopatra wouldn’t have passed incognito, she would’ve been an influencer, an internet superstar and certainly a socialité. We could’ve seen her hanging out with figures like Cara Delevigne and Rihanna attending to the best parties and dating the most influential (and sometimes hot) guys. She would be like a classy Paris Hilton with real sex appeal and awesome make-up skills and an amazing sense  of fashion. Almost like younger, wilder and selfish version of queen Rania of Jordan minus the philanthropic and empowering work.

Elizabeth Taylor 1965

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra 1965

She would’ve been the daughter of a powerful egyptian sheikh with many children, dedicated to the oil industry, and the heiress of tons of money. Her ambition and thirst for power would’ve motivated her to take her siblings way from the heritage line by un-prestige media campaings like criminal scandals and maybe even accident look- like homicides. As she did in her real life, she would get married with an estrategic partner and tried to seduce many other leaders, always trying to increase her power and influence. In other words, right now she would be chasing Donald Trump and would’ve dated people like Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin just to push her own way to power. Another kind of modern day Marilyn Monroe.

Flawless like Beyoncé, she would’ve studied in a worldwide prestige school like Oxford, Harvard or La Sorbonne and changed alternatively her support during the arab spring from Mubarak to Mohammed Morsi and then Abdelfatah Al-Sisi according to the convenience of the moment. She would never say “I’m sorry” in public, specially when talking about her opinions and perspectives on controversial issues like womens rights, abortion and natural resources. Of course, her comments would never be politically correct but despite that she would have a bunch of people supporting her ideas, no matter how insane they were.

Maddona in a Concert


Like Emma Watson and cats, she would rule the internet. No picture or tweet of her would be unnoticed, none of her words would be ignored. She would experience such an amount of pressure that would’ve pushed her to suicide, the biggest cyber-bullying victim. Haters would spread rumours and her friendship with internet and main media would cost her freedom and privacy. A wrong choice would tear her reputation apart and with it, all of her influence and power. Instead of killing herself with snake’s venom, she would take a lot of pills and would be found dead in a luxurious chateau in Montecarlo. She would be an international drama queen.

Ana Z.

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