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Top 12: Colombian rock bands you should be listening to

Top 12: Colombian rock bands you should be listening to

Even though tropical countries aren’t known for their rock music production, Colombia is becoming one of the referents in Latinamerica. It’s capital and even smaller cities are the hometown to bands that have everything to become worldwide famous.

This is our top 12 of colombian rock bands you should be listening to.

12. Alice Quint Alice- Top bandas

This guitarrist and singer from the southern city of Cali started to write her own songs when she was 16 years old, She has been part of several musical projects but currently she`s working solo mixing alternative rock, Bossa nova and Brit pop to create music that resembles the inner earth.



11. ReptileReptile-Top bandas

They describe themselves as “Evil Heavy Metal”. From Pasto city, this band seeks to break the musical paradigms of this region. Their sound is dark and solid, complemented by the amazing skills of the musicians. Nowadays they are promoting their single Waves of Desolation.



10. Revólver plateado  Revolver-Top bandas

With a compact and delicate rock, this band express a lot of emotions. Since 2012 their daily, yet extraordinary sound has grown up to be the company of amazing lyrics. Their songs are easy to relate with and their melodies travel to the brain and take it to another dimension.



9. . Oh’lavilleOh'laville - Top bandas

Since 2009 this group from Bogota works with a catchy and fun sonority. It’s the kind of music that goes well with any kind of conversation. The overlap between melodic and harmonic guitar riffs give to their music some folk like waves, building a unique sound. This year they will release their second studio album: Anaranjado.






8. La 45 La 45- Top bandas

In Medellin, this band was founded in 2004 by experienced musicians. They play rock but don’t leave their traditional roots behind. The combination of guitar riffs and latin rythms is recurrent in this old school yet prevailing group who even after a lot of problems is still active. They are currently working on a new album after a short detachment.



7. The Hounds  SONY DSC

A rock and blues fusion arrives from Cali with an aggressive but classical sound. A deep voice and retro rythms look out to bring rock back . Guitar riffs that subtly remind of The Rolling Stones and an impeccable interpretation makes of this power trio one of the must hear talking about colombian rock.



6. Sicotrópico Sicotrópico- Top bandas

The colombian caribbean and rock is the mixture made by this group. African sounds and a rocker attitude are the signature of this band that since 2005 has recorded 2 studio albums. Sicotrópico gave to Be Noisy a preview of Goce, the first single of a new album in which they are currently working.



5. Rey Gordiflón Rey Gordiflon-Top bandas

Even though this band was born i the 20th century, it’s sound is still fresh and vital. Winds, guitars and a powerful voice give to this group a unique sound that reminds of ska. Love and heartbreak are common topics in their lyrics so anyone could feel identified with them.



4. Cinemacinco  Bandas

They define themselves like a “synthesis of colombian contemporary sound”. They sound like countryside and sugar cane, their lyrics give voice to the rural Colombia. Through their melodies they summarize the caribbean heritage, the Bolero golden age and the Rock n’ roll attitude.



3. TBCB (The Black Cat Bone) Black cat-Top bandas

Rock n` Roll y Power Blues are the signature of TBCB. They have been the opening act for legendary bands like Deep Purple and Aerosmith because of their powerful sound and their musical ability. They are currently working in their third studio album, expected to be available later this year.



2.Diamante eléctrico Diamante- Top bandas

They are one of the most important bands of the region. Their first album Diamante Eléctrico was funded through the Crowdfunding platform becoming pioneers in a new way to produce rock in Colombia. “B”, their seconds studio album is nominated to the Latin Grammy in the Rock Album and Rock song of the year categories.



1. V for Volume V for volume- Top bandas

Almost anyone knows this band is from Colombia. Their songs have reached the top of the MTV lists. They combine innocence and agressivity in their sounds that might perfectly feature the OST of life. 


Por Ana Z

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