Ranking The most sexy "Botineras" from Argentina - Be Noisy in the world
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Ranking The most sexy “Botineras” from Argentina

Ranking The most sexy “Botineras” from Argentina

The “botineras”  phenomenon  has become very important the last couple of years, Actually people around the world recognise that impact with an important award, El  Balón Rosa de Oro ( The Golden Rose Ball).  BE NOISY IN THE WORLD check who of them are really noisy, talent and call our attention. Lets introduce  few of that spectacular women from South America.

Cinthia Fernández

One of the most beautiful Argentine model, married this year with Matías Defederico who plays for Turkish football.

Facebook Cinthia Fernandez

Twitter: @cinthifernandez

Evangelina Anderson:

She won the Golden Ball award Rosa 2012 as the most beautiful in the world “Botinera”. She is Demichelis Martin  wife, who is a defender of Manchester  City.

Facebook Evangelina Anderson

Twitter: @evange_anderson

Cecilia Bonelli

The model and TV presenter won the heart of Dario Cvitanich current Pachuca striker


Wanda Nara:

She is divorced from Maxi Lopez, who plays for Torino. She has three children with him, however after the relation finished, she teamed with Mauro Icardi, Inter Milan player  and one of the friends of Maxi, causing huge media stir’

Facebook Wanda Nara

Instagram: wanditanara

Nicole Neumann

Mother of three kids with Velez Sarsfield player, Fabian Cubero.

Facebook Nicolle Newman

Carolina Molinari

Racing fans are happy, because they delight and boast of having one of the most beautiful “Botineras” of Argentina and wife of striker Mariano Pavone.

Twitter carolina Molinari

Twitter: @CaromolinariOk

Solange Rivas

The model,  lawyer and wife of Boca Juniors midfielder Nicolas Colazo. She is recognized fan of “Xeneize”.

Twitter: @solangerivas

Eliana Guercio

This sexy blonde woman  is the partner of the goalkeeper,  Sergio Romero of Manchester United and the Argentina national team.

Facebook Eliana Guercio


Por: Javier Marín Osorio – Twitter: @javimarinosorio

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