Traveling in a Van, Gold Cost (Australia) - Be Noisy in the world
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Traveling in a Van, Gold Cost (Australia)

Traveling in a Van, Gold Cost (Australia)

Travelling in a van is one of that experiences that you have to live once in life. My adventure started in Perth where i met people from everywhere around the world, i went out, party, friends, drinks, work, study and enjoy my life as much as i can, life is just one, so have fun.

I want to tell you about many trips and experiences here, amazing places, and my experiences travelling in a Van in Australia,  this time i will talk about Gold Cost. First, i invite you to  buy a van and lets travel. Gold Cost Here we go.

GC is near to Brisbane, and a tourist place, amazing beaches, hotels, pubs, restaurants and off course the best adventure parks in Australia. Its like a Small Orllando (USA) but in the other side of the world. So if you like roller crossed, and crazy adrenaline attraction, you will have fun.

I have to said, its a small city, but is near Brisbane that is  the 3th city with more population in Australia. Really great pubs and Off course Hard Rock Cafe as one of the few in this side of the world.

The beaches are really cool, its like Florida,  but the water is so cold. In each place that i will show you I will invite you to do something different, in this case, lets write on the sand something different that your name. Everyone do it. This is my friend Paco and his creativity.

Gold Cost

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