Top 12. people that you didnt know are Australian - Be Noisy in the world
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Top 12. people that you didnt know are Australian

Top 12. people that you didnt know are Australian

Few people was telling us that the people in this list is American, letme let you know, that are wrong, they are Australian, Maybe you have seen few of this artists in some movies, or tv shows, concerts or hear in radio. From pop singers until models,  from the 70ths until 2015, this is the Top 12 Benoisy, people that you didnt know are Australian

  1. Kylie Minogue: One of the most amazing pop singers around the world, famous from the 80ths with Locomotion until Come into my world.


2. Iggi Azalea: The fancy girl that has singing with few famous people, and has hits as Black Widow with Rita Ora, Work, Pretty Girls or problem ft Aiana Grande.


3. SIA, Maybe you guys knew her from one of  her last songs and videos Chandelier, where a  gymnastic girl with blond hair dance and move all around a house, amazing video with more than 100 million views in youtube.



4. Natalie Imbruglie. She is famous for his song Torn from the late 90ths but actually still singing, acting,etc


5. Olivia Newton Jhon, was famous at the 70ths for her role at Grease, and sang many songs that still playing in parties, karaokes etc. One of her most famous songs is “You are the one that i want ”

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6. Hugh Jackman, Wolverine and his big nails are from OZ, is normal see him around Australia some times.


7. Russell Crowe, the 51 years old actor is famous for movies as Beautiful mind or Gladiator.

8. Cate Blanchett, actress and winner of many awards around the world is an icon for your beauty and talent.

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Young Cate 😍😍😍 #CateBlanchett

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9. Heath Ledger is from Perth, excellent actor can be a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain or the really bad guy in The Dark Night .

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10. Chris Hemsworthh, [dropcap]Thor, this super hero and his brother ae living in America but they are Australian.[/dropcap]


11. Miranda Kerr,  One of the most beautiful angels of Victoria Secret and Ex partner of Miranda Kerr.

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12. NICOLE KIDMAN, the ex wife of Tom Cruise, maybe you have seen her in movies like Moulin Rouge, The others, The hours.

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