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Their Life after a famous meme

Their Life after a famous meme

Actually with social media, you can be famous in a minute for a video, talent and even for a memo. If you have facebook, twitter or another social media page for sure you have seen the successful kid or the bad luck boy, two of the most viral  memes since always, lets check what is happen to them few years after.


 Bryan, The bad luck boy

Kyle Craven,  Bryan, the bad luck boy, the photo is part of the a yearbook  from 2006, actually he is working in the construction company of his father, and  earning money for his photo. He has earning until 20.000 dolars

Antes y después del personajes del meme del chico mala suerte


Success Boy 

I hear many people saying so cute after watch Sammy’s photo, actually, He is 6 years old and this is how he looks now. His face got so famous after his father posted a photo in Facebook and Flicker.

Sammy de 6 años protagonista del meme del niño éxito



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