Manny Pacquiao: Off the ring - Be Noisy in the world
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Manny Pacquiao: Off the ring

Manny Pacquiao: Off the ring


In recent days, Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach told to the press that he was considering the possibility of asking the boxer to retire. He argues that in his last fights Manny hasn’t been on his best performance and if this tendency goes on, he would ask the Filipino to hang up the gloves. But what is Manny Pacquiao out of the boxing ring?

He’s charismatic and loved by boxing fans. He has won 57 of his 65 fights, 38 of them by knockout and is the only boxer to win world tournaments in 8 different weight categories. Known as Pac-Man, the Filipino boxer is a multi-faceted athlete. He has also entered basketball world as an honorary member of the American Boston Celtics and as head coach  to the Philippines team Mahindra Enforcers. But sports aren’t the only field where Pacquiao has been an outstanding figure.

It is widely known that Pac-Man is deeply interested in his country’s politics. He had even told that after his retirement from the ring he would join as a full-time politician with the Phillipines Democratic Party (PDP-LABAN). But almost no one outside the country knows about his musical career. So far, the boxer has recorded 2 studio albums and one EP, with most of its songs in Tagalog. Pacquiao started as singer in 2006 and earlier this year released an EP that contains 4 songs, all of them Tagalog ballads.



Besides the music, he’s really involved in entertainment industry, especially in the   audiovisual media as guest in several TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! And Miss Universe 2015. His appearance in many documentaries about boxing and training also transformed him into a pop culture icon and helped him go beyond the boxing ring. He has also starred a few Filipino action and superhero movies. During almost 2 years he was the main actor of a sitcom called “Show me the Manny”. But his experience with television is even wider, he was the host of “Manny Many Prizes”, a game show where he shared stage with some local celebrities like Moymoy Palaboy.

But not everything about Pac-Man is a bed of roses.  He’d been involved in some    controversial issues like a scandal for an alleged tax evasion towards the Phillipine’s  government and admitted womanizing. There are also rumors the he might had been using steroids to increase his physical development in the past, but these allegations haven’t been confirmed so far.   Since he has a strong political leaning he took a stand on family values arguing that “God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married”1 clarifying that he’s against gay marriage.

Despite all that, Manny Pacquiao is an iconic character, so huge, that artists like Bruno Mars, Pitbull and Nicki Minaj among many others, had mentioned him in song lyrics.


He also inspired a movie: “Pacquiao: The Movie” based on the early Pac-Man’s boxing career  and directed by the Filipino film-maker Joel Lamangan. Without any doubt, Manny Pacquiao is not afraid of any challenge. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fight against an unbeaten champion or a main role in a movie. Pac-Man is a noiser.

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