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Save by the Bell, 25 years after

Save by the Bell, 25 years after

If you are between 20s and 30s you watched “Saved by the Bell”, one of the most amazing tv series for kids and teenagers at the 90s.  Screech, Kelly, A.C, Zach, Jessie and Lisa showed that high school was made to have fun, enjoy and study hard.  Lets see the last news from them rigth now.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Describe his self in instagram as Husband/Father/Problem-solver, Also known as Zachary “Zack” Morris has four kids and two marriage. You can watch him this year in the Film Bus 657 as Marconi and in Tv serie Truth be told as Mitch


Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

She describe her self in instagram as Mommy,Wife,Actress,Dancer, NY Times Bestselling Author, Teen Girl Advocate She  was  the brainy Jessie Spano at the show. The last years we had seen her in reality shows like Dancing with the stars. This year appeared an episode at Dinner at Tiffanies.


Tiffani Thiessen

Kelly, the sexy and pretty teenager jumped to 90210 after Saved by the Bell, both a great hits. Right now 41 years old, has 2 kids, had been in many tv shows and actually is host in Dinner at Tiffanis.


Mario Lopez

Mr gym in Save by the Bell has starred many tv shows and  also served as a host for other ones. some of you maybe whatched himin Dancing with the start. Lopez has published three non-fiction books ad next year you will hear him at Get Smurfy doing the voice of Social Smurf.

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I live every day like its #NationalCoffeeDay

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Dustin Diamond

Screech had been a bad boy recently, On June 25, 2015, Diamond was sentenced to four months in prison. in 2013 he appeared in Big Brother and 2014 in Hamlet. We are waiting to hear more about his talent and jockes around




Lark Voorhies

She was  Lisa in “Saved by the Bell”, Actually she is not  working on tv right now, however we watched her few months ago in an interview talking about her husband and life.  Her mom in a recently one  affirmed that she is Bipolar. Voorhies, we want you back in any tv series, you are so talent. She won two awards with the teenagers tv show.


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